Mercer County Public Library
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Fines and Fees

View fines and fees

Follow these steps to view the fines and fees on your account.

1. Click Fines & Fees on the My Account menu and log in. Your list of fines and fees is displayed.

2. To view details about an item, click hair extensions uk for the item you want to view.

Pay fines and fees

MCPL accepts online credit card payments for fines and fees. Follow these steps to pay your fines and fees online.

1. Click Fines & Fees on the My Account menu and log in. Your list of fines and fees is displayed.

2. Select (check) the boxes next to the charges you want to pay.

3. Click Pay Fines Now.

Your library may set a minimum amount that you can pay by credit card. If the amount you owe falls below this limit, the Pay Fines Now link is not available. Also, your library may charge a processing fee for credit card payments. If so, you see a message. You can click Accept and continue, or cancel your payment.

The Payment form appears. Information in the address fields is taken from the address recorded in your library account. If your credit card billing address is different, type your billing address instead.

4. Supply the required information in the fields marked by an asterisk (*).

Unmarked fields are generally optional.

• If you want an e-mail receipt for your payment, supply an e-mail address.

• Your library may also require a card security code for certain types of credit cards. Click Help by the Card Security Code box to locate this code on your credit card.

5. Click Next.

A Payment Verification message is displayed.

6. If the information is correct, click Submit Payment.

If you need to correct the information, click Previous to go back to the Payment form, then submit the payment again. When the payment is successfully submitted, a confirmation page is displayed. Click the printer icon to print the page, or note the transaction details for your records.

To quit Patron Access functions and protect your privacy, click Log Out.