Mercer County Public Library
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How to do a Quick Search

Follow these steps to do a quick search of the library system's catalog from the Polaris PowerPAC portal page.

  1. Type a word or words in the Quick Library Search box.

If you type more than one word, your results may include materials with the words in any order. If you want to find the words in the exact order, enclose them in quotation marks. If you leave this box blank and just select an option in the Limit by box (see step 2), your results will include all the materials that fit your Limit by selection.

  1. If you want to find only a certain kind of material, click the arrow symbol in the Limit by box, and select an option from the list.

If you want to find only DVDs, select DVD in the Limit by list.

  1. Click Go.

    • If the search is successful, information about titles is displayed in the search results list.

    • If no matches are found, Polaris displays a message. See "Keyword Search" for actions you can take.

  2. To work with the results, do any of the following actions:

    • Navigate the results list and view more information about the titles.

    • Add a title to a title list.

    • Place a request for a title, or purchase a title (see "How to Place an Item on Hold").