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Accessible Book Collection
Provides high interest, low reading level materials to persons with disabilities. Only persons with a documented disability that prevents them from reading standard print effectively may access these materials.

The Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts
A collection of public domain documents from American and English literature as well as Western philosophy.

Amazon E-books
Provides access to over one million commercial e-books.

Provides access to reference, literature, and verse materials available on the web at no charge.

Offers over 2,000 classic texts including poetry, fiction, drama, short stories in addition to biographies, reference materials, and study guides.

Provides access to copyrighted and non- copyrighted text. Users must subscribe since access is limited to use by persons with disabilities.

Children's Literature Web Guide
Is gathering and categorizing a growing number of Internet resources related to books for children and young adults.

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
This is a server of the complete works of William Shakespeare, provided by The Tech-MIT. The HTML versions of these plays, and the links, are Copyright © 1995.

Digital Book Index
Provides links to more than 105,000 title records from more than 1800 commercial and non- commercial publishers, universities, and various private sites. About 66,000 of these books, texts, and documents are available free while many others are available at very modest cost.

Foreign Language Books
Contains a list of sites with ebooks in a foreign language.
Google Book Search
Allows users to search through all of the text of many books. Plenty of obscure books here.
The Internet Public Library
Provides an extensive collection of books, magazines, and other materials for children as well as adults.
Is creating a set of digital books infused with a variety of resources to support comprehension. In addition to a digital library, the site provides a Teacher Center to assist integrating digital books in the classroom and Developer's Guidelines with tools and templates to create or modify other web-based materials.
The On-Line Books Page
Lists over 20,000 free books available on the web.
Page by Page Books
Offers hundreds of free classic books with frequent additions to the collection.
Project Gutenburg
Offers more than 15,000 eBooks, most of which are older literary works that are in the public domain in the United States.
Read Print
Offers thousands of free books for students, teachers, and the classic enthusiast.
School eBook Library
Offers public access to over 27,000 books and materials. Paying a nominal membership fee of $8.95 per year allows access to over 100,000 additional books and materials. Reading lists prepared by the University of Hawaii sort books by grade level.
The Universal Library
Provides a free-to-read, searchable collection of one million books, primarily in the English language. Within 10 years, the collection is expected to grow to 10 Milllon books.
Young People's Zone Online Library
Offers a good selection of books for students at all grade levels. brazilian hair bundles