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How to get a free E-Mail account

  1. Select an E-Mail provider

  2. Find the link that says create account or sign up

  3. Follow the directions on the screen - User Name - Begin with a letter, and use only letters (a-z), numbers (0-9), the underscore (_), and no spaces.

  4. You may have to choose something unusual because many user names have already been used. Try adding numbers. Most providers will offer suggestions if your desired name is taken.

  5. Password - usually at least 8 characters long, no spaces.
    letters and numbers both must be included.

  6. Once you have chosen a name, most providers will let you check availability before you submit and will even offer alternates.

  7. Secret or Security Question - If you forget your password, the company will ask you for the answer to your secret question. Choose one like "what is my first child's middle name?"

  8. There will usually be a section where you must interpret letters from an image and type what you see. If you cannot read the word, reload the page and try again. Some words are easier to distinguish.

  9. Gmail asks for a mobile telephone number to text a confirmation code to. You may also opt to have a voice message sent to a  land line. lace wigs uk